They would say one thing, but they would want something totally else, kids are like that. They are very unpredictable when it comes to surprising them with something of their choice.

When asked, they would sometimes be as indecisive as ending up giving you a list of things they want as they couldn’t pick one but in the end, negating all of them too. Or they are going to surprise you by not giving any response to your question ” what do you want? ” Sometimes even the biggest present can’t bring an instant smile to their faces. Whereas at some other times they would simply appreciate you spending some time with them.

Now, as we all know Raksha Bandhan is currently knocking on our doors and gifting happens to be a great part of this festival. So you better gear up to shop for this auspicious occasion to make this festival a happier and even more exciting one for them. Send rakhi online to usa from India via FlowerAura.

If you are still thinking about what to buy for your kid brother or sister on this upcoming occasion, then here’s a list of gifts that are bound to delight them. Each of these gifts can be easily found at some online as well as offline gift stores. So without any further ado let’s start discussing what these rakhi gifts are for kids. Take some cues to start your shopping.

  1. Dollhouse – Little girls are very much fond of owning and flaunting their own dollhouses. They love the idea of having their own house, own space and like to decorate them, their own way. A dollhouse is a dummy house wherein there are different rooms of dolls, dolls wardrobe, furniture, accessories and more. It’s a great playtime toy, all in all.
  2. Fashion accessories – With changing times and trends, we are not the only ones who wish to keep ourselves updated with fashion, kids too are these days. Be it girls or boys, they like to flaunt their fashionable best side. So you can choose to gift them colorful handbags, earrings, neckpieces, bangles, rings, headbands and more. They are going to absolutely love you for gifting them.
  3. Soft toys – Soft mushy toys make their way deep into every child’s heart effortlessly with its adorable appeal. From plush teddy bears to minions to other stuffed animals toys, they shall bring much joy to your child’s life. You can purchase these from Archies or other such reputed gift stores. 
  4. Video games – Every guy has grown up playing video games and some of them haven’t yet grown up as yet but still like to play video games. Such is the kind of appeal video games have on the minds and hearts of every little boy and girl. It is one of the favourite pastimes of every guy and girl out there in the world. 
  5. Board games – Looking at the current situation wherein stepping outside would actually be risking their lives, staying indoors and keeping everyone engaged with an intriguing board game play seems like a perfect way of chilling with friends and family. You can hence choose to give scrabbles, monopoly, ludo, snakes and ladders, chessboard pamper your lil kiddo, this Raksha Bandhan. Trust us he/she will be hooked onto any of these board games, when gifted. 
  6. Chocolates – Nobody can ever deny not loving chocolate as a Rakhi gift. Be it a child of age 5 years or an oldie, everyone has their favorite chocolate brand to look forward to.We are pretty sure that the kiddo must have one can figure out his/her chocolate brand and gift a chocolate hamper made of all his/her favorite chocolates. 
  7. Cakes and desserts – Every child is a sweet tooth and it even goes without saying. Their love for cakes and other yummy desserts are unparalleled so much so that they don’t even really care for cavities. So on this Rakhi, you can choose to pamper the little kiddo with some baked treats in their favourite kind and flavour. They will be beyond thrilled. You can either choose to bake the cake or can order FlowerAura’s cake online Noida or wherever that your little munchkin resides.

So these were some of the gift ideas for kids that you may consider on this Rakhi. Let us know which one are you planning to go with.