Do’s and Don’ts of SEO

To start our list of SEO do’s and don’ts, what do you have to do to earn a spot in program results? Here area unit do’s and don’ts for SEO to spice up your Google rankings

Must-Do This

To produce numerous content

There’s an aphorism that “content is king”. Search engines love original articles, blogs, and press releases on your computer. By having numerous helpful content on your net s
it, your rankings can improve.
One of the most effective ways to accomplish this is often to interrupt up content. Use bulleted and numbered lists, similarly as little paragraphs. build use of lots of headings and subheadings to divide things into sections.

To build the content original

.it’s not enough to own numerous texts derived from elsewhere. Search engines will tell if the content has been derived. All the content on your computer ought to be original.


Do use long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords contain a lot of words, which provides them a lot of specificities. As a result, these keywords have a clearer search intent and additionally associate with less competition. So, rather than targeting a keyword like “microphone,” strive one thing like “what quite electro-acoustic transducer is best for music.”

It is not enough to guess however folks area unit finding you. you wish to understand precisely what your customer’s area unit writing into Google, Yahoo, and MSN / Bing to seek out your computer. Remember, “sandwich” and “sandwiches” area unit thought of 2 completely different keywords by search engines. grasp what keywords your customers use, and optimize those keywords by Keyword analysis tools.

Do grasp your competitors

Folks area unit either reaching to your computer or your competitors’ websites. does one grasp what your high three online competitors are? does one grasp their strengths and weaknesses? Knowing your competitors is crucial if you wish to develop an SEO strategy to surpass them.

DO produce title tags and meta descriptions

Title tags area unit crucial as a result of they’re the most factor that may verify whether or not a user clicks on your content within the search results. you wish to use titles that draw users in — as well as the target keyword is a technique to try and do that.

Meta descriptions play a task in drawing users to click on your listing, whereas at the same time informing search engines regarding the context of your page. attempt to write meta descriptions that convey the context of your page underneath a hundred and sixty characters.

To build an internet website for your customers, not search engines. Some folks get excessively good and take a look at it to make an internet website that’s friendlier to look engines than it’s to humans. Ultimately, your business computer aims to get leads and sales. creating folks realize your website is just the sport. Once folks come back, they have to contact you. That’s why it’s vital to make the net website for your customers, not the net robots at search engines.

Do earn high-quality, one-way, incoming links to your website

Link building is out and away from the foremost essential part of your ranking score. By earning extremely relevant, industry-specific links to your computer, your ranking can get a large boost.


Never Do This

DON’T ignore user search intent

Whenever you write a chunk of content, confirm you’re writing it to suit user intent for your target keyword. Google is wise enough to inform if it’s and can rank it consequently. If you’re unsure regarding user intent for a keyword, investigate the content that’s already ranking.

Don’t use keyword stuffing

You want to incorporate keywords in your content a minimum of several times to spice up your possibilities of ranking in Google. however, don’t go too so much with it. If you pack each paragraph with keyword when keyword, Google won’t respond kindly.
you’ll have seen this on Craig’s List ad before. At very cheap of the ad, you see an enormous paragraph jam-packed with each keyword one will assume of: “hot dog, hot dogs, hot dog stand, hot dog stands, restaurant, restaurants, food, foods, diner, diners…” You get the concept. Doing this could hurt your net site’s ranking.

Don’t use hidden text


This is often another black-hat SEO trick that will get you chastised by Google. If your net site’s background is white and you embrace an enormous paragraph of keywords in white at the very cheap of your page, human eyes might not be able to see it however search engines will. Again, this is often manipulation of search engines and Google can lower your ranking.

Don’t accompany SEO firms while not solid track records


Each SEO skilled claims to be the most effective, however, the proof is within the results. raise to examine testimonials, references, and also the arduous knowledge to copy their claims. Some keywords area unit is easier to optimize than others. The extremely fascinating keywords area unit competitive, and intensely troublesome to induce to the highest of Google. See if the SEO company includes a solid chronicle of with success optimizing extremely competitive keywords.